How to use the retractable belt barrier of different styles to be correct?


Retractable Belt Barriers can be divided into telescopic queuing railings, lanyard concierge railings, advertising cloth railings, and wall-mounted drawstring railings.


1. Line up Crowd Control Retractable Belt Barrier


The Crowd Control Retractable Belt Barrier is a relatively common railing seat, generally in the form of a retractable strap, which mainly emphasizes practicability and safety, and maintains order in public places.When in use, just pull out the retractable head of the railing seat and buckle it to the buckle of another railing seat.


2. Concierge lanyard Retractable Belt Barrier


The concierge railing retractable belt barrier is generally connected by a lanyard. It is generally used in welcoming and concierge occasions such as hotels, celebrations, and sales offices. The lanyard railing seat is often used at the national celebration etiquette site, which mainly expresses the festive atmosphere and reflects the guests. Of the distinguished status.


Lanyards are generally divided into flannel ropes and S-shaped ropes, with a variety of colors available. When using, you only need to buckle the two ends of the lanyard on the lanyards of the two railing seats.

 Retractable Belt Barrier

3.Advertising cloth railing seat


Advertising cloth railing seat, used to display advertising posters, shopping malls, restaurants, exhibition halls and other occasions.


When in use, the advertising cloth needs to be fixed on the crossbar, and then the crossbar is fixed on the buckles of the two railing seats.


4.Wall Mounted Barrier


Wall-mounted telescopic isolation belts are commonly used in banks, shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, airports, docks, elevator entrances and other public places with a lot of traffic, used for isolation, queuing, and suspension of services.


When installing, you only need to use screws to fix the telescopic head and slot of the one-meter wire on the two ends of the place of use, and you can use it.