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Wall Mounted Barrier

Best Metal is a professional China Wall Mounted Barrier manufacturers and China Wall Mounted Barrier suppliers.We are  focus on Retractable security Products such as retractable belt barrier, rope barrier, sign holder, safety tapes, display products sell to all over the world , such as German, Poland, UK, France, Japan, Korean.

Wall Mounted Barriers use durable stainless steel or steel head finish ,heavy polyester cross weave belt that won't fray over time.A safe retracting brake,universal belt end, and provided receiving end ensure a safe, reliable and trouble free crowd control barrier. These wall mounted retractable belt barriers are available in a variety of standard finishes and belt colors with customization available.

Wall Mounted Barriers are often used for rope barrier or stanchion in Bank,Supermarket,Shopping mall,Exhibition, Station, Airport, School,Hospital,Gymnasium and so on,generally speaking,it could be used as a queue line manager at any public place.

Product Features of Wall Mounted Barriers

1.Locking belt end to prevent accidental belt release.
2.Full weight 32cm base for maximum stability.
3.Braking mechanism for slow,safe belt retraction.
4.Power coated and Polished stainless finish options suitable for indoor or outdoor used.
5.Stand post colors with several belt colors choices.
6.Finish craft:available in satin, polish, titanium coated.

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