Solar road studs suitable for places


Solar road studs are charged by solar energy and automatically emit light at night and in rainy and foggy weather when the light is insufficient, which can guide the vehicle in the correct direction and effectively ensure traffic safety. The product is easy to install, does not need to be laid, and effectively saves energy.

 Solar road stud

Solar road studs are suitable for installation in:

1. There are more than four lanes back and forth, but there is no isolation zone in the middle and the road section with insufficient light at night;

2. Vehicle diversion point (around the triangular ground horizontal line);

3. At intersections/zebra crossings (deceleration reminder);

4. Railway ramp

5. Sharp turns

6. Toll station lane line;

7. Foggy area (seaside, airport road);

8. Accident-prone areas;

9. Expressways and roads without street lights;

10. Urban sidewalks, park paths, etc. need to beautify the night scene and other areas and road surfaces;

11. The position of the guide line at the entrance and exit of the elevated and tunnel.