What are the common application scenarios of warning tapes?


Warning tapes can be said to be seen more often in our lives, precisely because it has a wide range of uses, such as signs of warning objects, decorative stickers, ground (wall) area planning and electrostatic area identification, etc. It is more and more used in daily life by everyone. So, just know the wide range of uses, what occasions are used in specific applications, or under what circumstances should warning tapes be used?

First of all, the most frequent scenes of warning tapes are in factories. The use of black and yellow warning tapes in the factory workshops makes the workshops tidy, and the divisional operation is more standardized and rational, while creating a comfortable working environment.

The second is the use in the parking lot. With the development of technology now, there are more and more underground parking lots. Various warning tapes are used in the parking lot to divide the location, which is more tidy and orderly, and there are more cars. Security guarantee.

On the construction site, warning tapes are used to mark the floor level and safety lines on the extranet of the construction site, so that the building level can be clearly defined, and at the same time, it is convenient for the construction staff to direct the work arrangement.

There is also the arena. In the arena, various warning tapes are used to divide the game line into a channel. After use, the line can be changed continuously, and it is easy to tear off without leaving residual glue, so as to avoid pollution of the field after paint division.