What is the quality of Stackable Crowd Control Stanchion?


In foreign countries, the retail price of Stackable Crowd Control Stanchion of quality brands often reaches more than 70 US dollars. However, in recent years, many Chinese customers have been confused by the endless low-cost "retractable railing seats". Many customers place orders only when the price is low, but regret it again.

So, how do you judge the quality of the Stackable Crowd Control Stanchion?

First, the material of the pipe must be durable. The wall of inferior pipe is too thin, which is easy to dent and deform, which greatly shortens the service life.

Stackable Crowd Control Stanchion

Stainless steel pipes can be selected, which are durable, corrosion-resistant and impact-resistant. And some low-cost and inferior railing seats often cut corners on the pipes. The pole body of this railing seat is like a layer of paper glued to it, and the safety can be imagined.

Second, Stackable Crowd Control Stanchion’s drawstring should be cushioned when it retracts. When the drawstring with no slow cushioning retracts or an accident occurs, unnecessary safety accidents may occur.

Third, Stackable Crowd Control Stanchion’s base should be stable. If the base weight is not enough or insufficient, it is easy to cause the entire railing seat to roll over.

Fourth, the design should be exquisite. Products without design concepts are far away from the sense of quality and brand.