Standard Practice for Sign Holder


(1) Rebar blanking: The Sign Holder adopts the rebar bracket, and preferentially uses the remaining steel material for blanking. At the same time, the blanking is performed according to the size of the legend, and the construction is strictly in accordance with the legend, and unauthorized tampering is strictly prohibited.


(2) Welding: Connect the connecting points of the steel bars by welding according to the drawing, and clean up the welding slag after welding.


(3) Inspection: Check the size and stability of the machined brackets, and correct them in time to meet the standard requirements.

 Sign Holder

(4) Brush anti-rust warning paint: After the bracket is checked and meets the requirements, use anti-rust paint to paint to ensure uniform painting, 170mm between red and white, and the dividing line is obvious and beautiful.


(5) Install the sign: After the bracket is in place, install the sign. The sign can be made of PVC board or inkjet cloth (must be sun-proof).


(6) Storage and storage: After the production of the Sign Holder is completed, place it in the designated location, and do a good job of storage. It is strictly forbidden to damage and discard it at will.