Choosing the right wall mounted barrier, the house layout is upgraded


With the popularity of isolation fences, isolation fences of various styles and places are also widely used. Wall mounted barriers that are easy to use and quick to store are often found in various places.


There is no need to carry and place the heavy railing seat, and the telescopic head is fixed to the usual position with screws, and it can be used easily. So how to choose a high-quality and durable wall mounted barrier becomes the most important thing. After all, no one wants the embarrassing situation of using the telescopic belt and falling to the ground.


Looking at the material, stainless steel is the best, and it is generally suitable for places with high material requirements, such as subway stations, outdoor escalators and other places. Whether it is underground humidity or outdoor wind and rain, the stainless steel wall mounted barrier can better avoid rust and fall off. Compared with iron and plastic, stainless steel is thicker and more durable and has a longer service life.

 wall mounted barrier

Second, look at the installation. There are two installation methods for the expansion and contraction on the market, magnetic and screw fixing. The magnetic expansion belt needs to be fixed by adsorption, so there are restrictions on the use field, such as iron gates, signal towers, etc. that can be magnetized Metal places.


The screw-fixed telescopic belt has a wider application range. In addition to metal places, it can also be used in places where screws can be fixed such as cement walls and wooden walls. Therefore, it is recommended that friends who have no special requirements choose the screw fixing method.



Third, look at the appearance. In addition to function, it is also important to be able to be unified with the place. Just imagine hanging a black and yellow retractable belt in an elegant museum is definitely not a clear choice.