What are the uses of traffic cones?


Traffic cones are a security product that is used more frequently among transportation facilities. There are other aliases for traffic facility traffic cones, traffic cone signs, traffic cone signs, etc. We can also see from these aliases of traffic facility traffic cones that traffic cones actually serve as a road sign in the road. Certain warning effect.


The size of the traffic facility road standard is related. Generally on the expressway, the size of the traffic facility traffic cone used is 90 cm and 70 cm. Of course, it is on our traffic road. The 70-centimeter traffic cone for traffic facilities is also used as an obstacle to maintenance, and the 45-centimeter traffic cone is used in the indoor underground parking lot.

 Traffic cone

And there are restrictions on the choice of colors. Traffic cones are mainly products with three colors, namely red, blue and yellow. Red traffic cones are mainly used in outdoor traffic. Because red has a good attraction and a strong warning effect, it is generally used at the intersection of urban traffic roads, and on sidewalks and outdoor parking lots. Play the role of isolation warning inside.


Yellow traffic cones are mainly used in indoor parking lots. Because of the dim light, the use of yellow traffic cones for traffic facilities can attract the attention of drivers.


The blue traffic cones are generally used on special occasions, for example, they are used on airports in Japan.