What are the performance characteristics of traffic cones?


Road safety facilities play an important role in ensuring driving safety and reducing potential accidents. Traffic cones are one of the road safety facilities. Traffic cones, also known as cone-shaped road signs, cones, red caps, and obelisks, are a kind of road traffic isolation guard facilities. The three-dimensional traffic cone is a cone-shaped road sign with a regular hexagon in cross-section and weighs up to 4500g. It is a utility model patented product.


1. Raw material: rubber/plastic PE/PVC


Purpose: It is located in the surrounding or previously appropriate places where it is necessary to temporarily separate the traffic flow, guide the traffic, guide the vehicles to bypass the dangerous road section, and protect the facilities and personnel of the construction site. Barricade lights should be installed on the top of the product when used at night.


2. Performance characteristics:


Traffic cones have the advantages of good flexibility, resistance to automobile rolling, hard object impact, no damage, protection against sunlight, wind and rain, heat resistance, cold resistance, no cracking, no discoloration, etc.


The light fastness is (the highest level) 8.5. No embrittlement or softening when used at a temperature of 4070℃, weather resistance> 2 years.

 Traffic Cones

3. Surface characteristics:


Reflective materials applied to the surface of the traffic cone include: reflective film, PVC reflective cone sleeve, reflective powder, customers can choose according to specific conditions.


4. Use occasions:


Traffic cones are widely used in highways, intersection lanes, road construction sites, dangerous areas, stadiums, parking lots, hotels, communities and other places. It is an important traffic safety necessary for traffic management, municipal administration, road administration, urban construction, troops, shops, agencies and other units facility.