Is Stainless Steel Retractable Belt Stanchion the same as Retractable Belt Barrier?


Railing seats, also known as one-meter retractable belt barriers, are commonly found in places with relatively high traffic such as banks, airports, stations, and conference venues. Their main function is to maintain personal privacy, maintain public order, and maintain public distance.

 retractable belt barrier

Railing seats can be divided into stainless steel railing seats, cast iron railing seats, titanium railing seats, sand steel railing seats, copper railing seats, etc. according to their materials. According to the different connection methods of the railing seat, it can be divided into drawstring railing seat, lanyard railing seat, advertising cloth railing seat and so on.


Therefore, the stainless steel railing seat is just one kind of the one-meter retractable belt barrier.