Traffic Post you don't understand


Traffic Posts are mainly used for isolation between urban intersections, sidewalks, and buildings to make driving motor vehicles a warning.


The traffic posts are isolated between urban intersections, sidewalks, and buildings, so that the driving motor vehicles play a warning role, and once they hit, they will not cause a second injury. The red-white and red-yellow colors are eye-catching during the day, and the lattice set at night can reflect dazzling light to remind the driver.

 Traffic Post


The traffic post is made of high-tech, has good elasticity, can withstand the violent impact of external force, and quickly return to its original shape. The traffic post has good reflective performance and clearly outlines the road. The wall of the warning column is 3mm thick, strong and durable. The reflector can be a reflective sheet or a reflective film. The reflective sheet is tightly fixed on the column with rivets, and the reflective film is tightly adhered to the column.


The traffic post is easy to install, requires little maintenance, and is equipped with a lifting loop configuration for easy carrying, and it is convenient to connect the isolation belt, isolation chain and isolation rod.