Must-have for shopping mall banks, Retractable Belt Barrier


The "one-meter line" is an international practice of "civilization line" and "moral line". It was introduced to our country in the 1990s. It is also called Retractable Belt Barrier, railing seat, cordon, and mobile guardrail. The "one-meter line" is widely used. Used in crowded places.

Retractable Belt Barrier

The queuing railing seat is a relatively common railing seat, generally in the form of a retractable strap, which mainly emphasizes practicability and safety, and maintains order in public places. Banks and other industries involved in the amount of money will draw a line one meter away from the business counter or window, and put it on the side to remind customers to wait in line after being online. There is also such an interesting principle in psychology. It is said that in addition to family members, lovers, close friends and relatives, the psychological safety distance between people is exactly one meter. If this safety distance is exceeded, people will feel relatively nervous. , I feel that personal safety and privacy have been violated. This is also the origin of the "one meter line" rule commonly used in the world.

Concierge round-head retractable belt barrier is generally connected by velvet rope. It is generally used in welcoming and concierge occasions such as hotels, celebrations, and sales offices. Lanyard railing seats are often used in national celebrations and ceremonies, mainly to express a festive atmosphere. And the distinguished status of the guests.

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