How about an automatic soap dispenser?


The automatic soap dispenser adopts infrared sensing device. When a person enters the sensing area, the sensor will sense the infrared change of human body and automatically receive the load. Once the person leaves the infrared area, it will automatically turn off the load.


The appearance design of automatic soap dispenser is fashionable, with large capacity and humanization. It is popular among many consumers. What about the automatic soap dispenser?

 automatic soap dispenser

In terms of installation methods, the automatic soap dispenser is divided into two types, one is wall mounted, the other is vertical installation. The appearance design of the automatic soap dispenser is convenient, fast and humanized. The space capacity is very large, and the operation is very convenient. It does not need too many skills.


From the use experience, it can only sense the device, without personal contact, effectively prevent bacterial infection, also can prevent waste, prevent man-made damage, each time the amount of liquid has a control range.


The automatic soap dispenser can automatically supply soap solution, and even the hand can be used.