How to apply ground warning tape?


Many warning tape users do not know how to apply the ground tape because they have no experience in using this tape after purchasing. For everyone, sort out the steps of how to stick the ground warning tape. It can be both wasteful and beautiful.


1. Clean up the environment where the warning tape is used

How to stick the warning tape well is closely related to the use environment. If the ground is not cleaned before use, there will be a lot of flying dust left on the ground, which will inevitably affect the effect of the tape on the ground. Therefore, we recommend that you clean the environment where the warning tape is used before use. If the ground is uneven, it is best to use strong double-sided tape to paste.

 warning tape

2. Plan the ground area to be used

Before using the floor tape, you should plan the area to be used. It is best to use a pencil to draw the line first. So that in the process of pulling the tape, a tilt occurs, which affects the aesthetic effect of the tape.


3. Pay attention to the flexibility of the tape

The warning tape can also be called PVC tape, which is made of PVC material, so it is flexible. So the majority of customers need attention in the process of pulling. Generally users need two people to pull the tape. You can stick one end on the ground first, let one press it, and let the other end pull it in place. Be careful not to use excessive force, it is almost the same, you can stick the tape to the ground.