How to use the Black Retractable Belt Barrier


Black Retractable Belt Barrier, also known as telescopic isolation belts, one-meter wires, railing seats, cordon, mobile guardrails, etc., are widely used in daily work and life, whether in airports, banks, post offices, hotels, or in institutions and enterprises. It is a field where the isolation belt is widely used, so how to use the retractable isolation belt?


Black Retractable Belt Barrier is generally divided into: stainless steel isolation tape, plastic spray isolation tape, titanium isolation tape, copper, aluminum alloy, wood, PVC and other materials.

 Black Retractable Belt Barrier

1. The screw-fixed wall-mounted Black Retractable Belt Barrier is fixed on the wall with screws on both sides, and a telescopic belt in the middle is pulled out for isolation. This kind of style generally chooses three kinds of metal materials: plastic, stainless steel, and iron paint, and the belt length can be 2 meters, 3 meters, 5 meters or 10 meters (10 meters can only be realized by plastic materials).


2. The magnet-type wall-hanging Black Retractable Belt Barrier is used on metal walls. Both ends of the isolation tape adopt super-strong magnets, which are directly and firmly attached to the metal property. This style can only choose plastic wall hanging Isolation telescopic belt, the belt length can choose various long belts of 2 meters, 3 meters, 5 meters and 10 meters.