Magnet Wall Mounted Barrier is more flexible to use


Most of the styles of isolation belt products are placed on the ground. They are divided into three parts when packaging, and the three parts must be fixed with screws during use, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. In order to make the use of isolation belts in queuing places more convenient and efficient, save materials, and reduce use costs.


Best Metal has specially customized the "Magnet Wall Mounted Barrier" to overcome the inconvenience of carrying and handling, and the time and labor consuming assembly. It is to directly fix the one-meter-line isolation tape on the wall for isolation guidance, which is not only simple to carry, but also convenient to assemble, which is very user-friendly.

 Magnet Wall Mounted Barrier

This Magnet Wall Mounted Barrier was made by 201#stainless steel with economic price with 6kg height and heavy duty 7kg base, Belt length could be 2m, 3m or 5M, with or without logo is optional Logo on top is accepted.


Our Magnet Wall Mounted Barrier adopts the magnet wall-mounted type, which is the simplest and most convenient assembly. You only need to directly suck the retractor on the metal shelf or metal wall, because both ends of the retractor use super magnets. , No need to drill screws, just suck the area to be isolated on our isolation guide belt at any time.