Classification of safety rope


The safety rope is woven with synthetic fibers. It is an auxiliary rope used to connect the safety belt. Its function is to double protection and ensure safety. Generally, the length is 2 meters, and there are also 2.5 meters, 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters and 15 meters. Safety ropes of more than 5 meters are also used as slings.

 safety rope

There are four types of safety ropes:


1. Ordinary safety rope, made of nylon etc.


2. Safety rope for live working, the material is silk, moisture-proof silk, Dyneema, DuPont silk.


3. High-strength safety rope, made of Dyneema, DuPont wire, and high-strength wire.


4. Special safety ropes. For example, the fire safety rope material is inner 4.3mm steel wire rope, and the outer braided fiber leather; the marine corrosion-resistant safety rope material is Dyneema, Pasteur, high molecular polyethylene; the material of the high temperature resistant rope safety rope is Kevlar can operate normally for a long time in the range of -196to 204. The shrinkage rate at 150°C is 0, and it will not decompose and melt at a high temperature of 560°C. The heat-shrinkable safety rope, the inner core is a synthetic fiber rope, and the outer skin is heat-shrinkable, wear-resistant and waterproof.