What is a road stud?


Road studs, a commonly used method of traffic roadblocks, are used to guide people to drive in the correct direction and prevent speeding and traffic accidents. Mainly used in roads and railways.

The specifications of road studs are generally 100mm*100mm*20mm, and the maximum height does not exceed 25mm. There are many kinds of reflectors, including reflective sheet, reflective beads, led light emitting, reflective film, etc.

The installation of road studs generally adopts epoxy resin installation.

Road stud

There are many classifications of road studs, which can be divided into:

1. Cast aluminum road stud;

2. Plastic road studs;

3. Ceramic road studs;

4. Glass fairway spikes;

5. Reflective beads road studs (21 beads and 43 beads, can be combined into cast aluminum and plastic road studs)

6. Mine spikes;

According to the function, it can be divided into:

1. Ordinary spikes;

2. Solar road studs,

3. Cable spikes in tunnels;

4. Wireless road studs.

According to the number of reflective surfaces, it can be divided into:

Single-sided road studs and double-sided road studs.