The telescopic belt one-meter line can be changed into a rope welcoming railing in seconds, which is much more convenient


Shopping malls, shopping centers, Banks, hotels, stations, exhibitions, squares, scenic spots, science and technology museums, exhibition halls... Wherever order is needed, one-meter line railings can be seen.
And in the ceremony of etiquette, welcoming occasions, often need the banisters to reflect the guests of honor.

Generally speaking, a balustrade has only one function, such as a balustrade for hanging ropes, a one-meter line balustrade for stretching and pulling bands, and a balustrade for advertising cloth.

So how do you combine these functions? Jinke jazz series balustrade (Tmall "jinke home flagship"), can achieve such a multi-functional extension.

This multi - functional railing is standard with pull - belt railing and has a new three - axis slow buffer design, which is much slower than the usual similar product retraction speed.
When it comes to some important occasions, such as celebration ceremony, brand release and VIP presence, as long as an accessory is added, this Jinke Jazz can be transformed into a rope-like railing for VIP guests and guests, which is very suitable for festive occasions.
In many business occasions, whether the hotel shopping mall restaurant, are inevitable need to display advertising and brand image tools. At this time, Sir Jinke balustrade in the addition of hanger accessories and customized advertising cloth, and then into the advertising cloth balustrade, such a display, big enough eye-catching bar. ?