Crowd Control Stanchion is good or bad?


Since the introduction of Crowd Control Stanchion in China in the mid-1990s, Banks, hotels, stations, exhibitions, squares, municipal... As long as the need to maintain order, can see the figure of the railing.
▲ Sir Jinke with banisters
In foreign countries, the quality of the Crowd Control Stanchion retail price often to achieve more than 70 dollars. However, in recent years, many Chinese customers have been confused by the endless emergence of low-cost "telescopic railing". There are many customers only to see the low price order, only to regret it.
So, how does Crowd Control Stanchion or fall to see after all?
Focusing on the railing industry for 25 years, zhejiang jinke (Tmall "jinke home flagship") tells you that you can generally pick out your favorite railing by remembering the following points.
▲ Sir Jinke multifunctional railing seat
First, the material must be durable, the inferior pipe wall is too thin, it is easy to sag deformation, greatly shorten the service life.
Jinkola belt baluster is made of 1.0mm ultra-thick stainless steel pipe, which is durable, anticorrosive and impact resistant. And the baluster of a few low quality is often cut a corner on tube material, the rod body of this kind of baluster is like paste a layer of paper, safety is imagined.
Second, pull - back shrinkage should be with buffer, no slow buffer pull - back shrinkage or accident, causing unnecessary safety accidents.
The pull-back and retraction system of Sir Jinke railing seat adopts the new national patent three-axis slow cushioning design, which becomes a slow cushioning railing seat, reducing the retraction speed by more than half compared with other similar products. With such a safety guarantee, pull back to shrink too fast hidden danger naturally does not exist. This is a good news for the bank business hall, shopping mall and other places in pursuit of safety.
Third, the base should be stable, if the base weight is not good or insufficient weight, it is easy to cause the whole railing to turn over.
The base of the baluster is generally composed of three parts, namely, the disc, the counterweight plate and the rubber mute coil. A variety of surface treatments can be performed on the surface of the disc to achieve different results. Jinkola with balustrine counterweight plate, standard with galvanized sheet packaging cement, than the market those quality plastic counterweight plate more stable.
Fourthly, the design should be exquisite. Those products without design concept are far away from the sense of quality and brand.
Crowd Control Stanchion products on the market today, many are cookie-cutter currency products, there is no concept of design. Jinke research and development team through innovative design and unique shape, such as diamond top design of Ronghua concierge railing, golden ring design, self-locking buckle jazz multi-functional railing, has been awarded a number of national patents, become a clear flow of railing industry.
▲ Sir Jinko railing